Academic Qualifications

Rutgers University – PhD, Women’s and Gender Studies, 08/2014-Present
5th year PhD candidate researching how feelings function in videogames to alter perceptions of humanity and difference both in game and out.

CUNY Brooklyn College – BA, Women’s Studies, 08/2009-05/2013  

Received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies with a double minor in Political Science and LGBTQ Studies. Graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a 3.97 Cumulative GPA. 

Brooklyn Technical High School, Media Communications, 09/2004-06/2008 

Professional Experience

Teaching Assistant, Rutgers University August 2016 – Present

Developed and taught their own sections of undergraduate courses, both online and off, to educate students about the interactions between gender, race and other categories of difference with Women’s and Gender Studies. Also working as a teaching assistant with the Writing Program to teach expository writing.

College Assistant, CUNY Brooklyn College June 2009-August 2015

Worked with multiple offices including the Registrar’s Office, Transfer Evaluation Office, Political Science Department and the Women’s Studies department to provide students with help regarding transcripts, college policies, major requirements and registration.

Research Interests

game studies, black feminist theory, women of color feminisms, affect theory, assemblage theory, feminist science and technology studies, feminist media studies, queer theory, critical race theory, disability studies, fat studies, masculinity studies, post humanism, monster theory

Academic Publications

Buffy to Batgirl: Essays on Female power, Evolving Femininity and Gender Roles in Science Fiction and Fantasyed. Julie M. Still and Zara T. Wilkinson, University of Iowa Press, 2019 

“Using the Animator’s Tools to Dismantle the Master’s House?: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Disability in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Steven Universe

Coloring Outside the Linesed. Rukmini Pande, University of Iowa Press, December 2020 

“Comedic Content Creators, Fake Gamers, and Videogame Vixens: Gender, Race and Authenticity in YouTube Let’s Play Culture”


Faculty First look: New York University, 2018-2019 

Invited to participate in a four-day workshop spanning the academic year readying scholars of color for the academic job market and the tenure track.

Creative Writing for Queer Resistance: Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, Fall 2018 

Selected for an eight-week creative writing course for queer identified writers using creative writing as a platform for social justice activism. The course culminated in a public reading at the museum.

Summer Doctoral Institute for Difference in Media and Culture: USC Annenberg, June 20-24, 2016

Chosen to present their work in a weeklong institute for graduate students and senior scholars studying media within their respective fields.

National Women’s Studies Association, Women of Color Leadership Program, November 12, 2015 

Participated in a one-day workshop to learn leadership skills as female and femme identified scholars of color.

Non-Academic Writing, 2015-Present

Contributing gaming reviews that discuss the gender, racial and sexual politics of new game releases as well as providing coverage for gaming events like the Games for Change festival.

Streaks of Lavender, 2018-Present

Part of a queer collective currently writing and publishing a zine related to resistance and activism through artistic practice. First issue centers on rage to be released at the end of April 2018.


CUNY Brooklyn College, September 2014-August 2015

Built online resources for students within the Political Science, Women’s Studies and LGBTQ Studies programs. Worked as one half of a team tasked with developing a workshop series to introduce LGBTQ Studies students to topics like intersectionality and feminist media studies. Facilitated a workshop on gender, race and sexuality in Orange is the New Black for students in the program.


Introduction to Gender, Race and Sexuality: Rutgers University, Fall 2016-Summer 2018

Developed the course to give students an overview of feminist theory and its multiple fields of engagement including sections on biopolitics, critical race theory, neoliberalism, disability studies, fat studies, settler colonial studies and many more. Taught five sections of this course with 97 students total. Consistently maintained higher than average course evaluation results.

Comparative Feminism (Black Feminist Thought in the African Diaspora): Rutgers University, Fall 2018 

Developed this upper level course illuminating how blackness is experienced and conceptualized by black feminist theorists differently dependent on historical and geographical context.   

Gendered Professions: Rutgers University, Fall 2018 

Assisted Dr. Julia Wartenberg in this course which analyzed how care is valued and devalued transnationally by considering care in the context of nursing and teaching. Maintained forums, graded student responses and provided comments to ensure understanding of the material.

The Gendered Body (Horror and the Grotesque): Rutgers University, Winter 2019-summer 2020

Developed and taught this fully online course highlighting how oppressive conceptions of human difference are mobilized within horror films to uphold normative bodies as privileged and frame non-normative bodies as deviant, grotesque, horrific and worthy of extinction.

Expository Writing: Rutgers University, Fall 2019-Spring 2021

Working with The Writing Program in order to teach two sections of this course designed to teach students critical thinking skills in service of developing their academic writing. Grades papers and provides extensive feedback for students on how to improve their essays as well as develops classroom activities to most effectively model critical thinking skills. 

Workshop Facilitations

“Analysis Is The New Black: Gender, Race and Sexuality in Orange is the New Black, LGBTQ Studies Workshop Series: Brooklyn College, October 29th, 2013

Designed a workshop to highlight the importance of media analysis and pop culture criticism for undergraduate students through an analysis of the depictions of race, gender, sexuality and incarceration within the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Academic Presentations

Bodies of Power/Theory in the Flesh, Rutgers University, October 5th, 2018 

“Pixels of the Flesh: The Progressive Potential and Limits of Videogames in the Feminist Classroom?” 

Pippi to Ripley 4: Ithaca College, April 22nd, 2017  

“Kitties, Tiffies and Tough Guys: Gender, Race and Authenticity in YouTube Let’s Play Culture” 

Summer Doctoral Institute for Difference in Media and Culture: USC Annenberg, June 22nd, 2016 

“From Cooties to Cunts: Misogyny, Subjectivity and Affect in GamerGate” 

2015 NWSA Conference: Precarity: Hilton Milwaukee Center, November 15th, 2015 

“Honoring the Bodies Beyond the Binary: Sexual Difference, Intersexuality and Inclusivity through Spinoza” 

Pippi to Ripley 3: Ithaca College, May 2nd, 2015 

“Pixels in Distress: The Affective Economy of Video Games” 

Human Futures: Rutgers New Brunswick, April 24th, 2015 

“Becoming-Digital, Becoming-Black and Becoming-Orc: The Limits of the Posthuman In Video Games” 

Buffy To Batgirl: Rutgers Camden, May 2nd, 2014 

“Using the Animator’s Tools to Dismantle the Master’s House: The Subversive Socialization Potential of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time” 

Creative Writing Publications

“Pink and Blue”, Raising Mothers, October 2020

Poetry Readings

Roots. Wounds. Words. Counterpult Reading Series: Zoom, January 24th, 2021. 
Read, “Pops,” a piece about their late grandfather about grief, loss and love.

Roots. Wounds. Words. Virtual Reading Showcase: Zoom, April 5th, 2020.
Read, “miss(ed) identifications,” a piece about heteronormativity, queer identity and desire. 

Roots. Wounds. Words. Reading Showcase: Cafe Con Libros: New York, February 7th, 2020
Read, “Pink and Blue,” a piece honoring their late tia, Sonia Fontanez about grief, loss and love.

Streaks of Lavender Zine Launch Party: Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art: New York, April 30th 2019
Read poem “thing 1 & thing 2” about cycles of abuse, trauma and healing. 

Flow Fest: The Performance Project @ University Settlement: New York, March 2nd, 2018
Read the poems, “Bad,” “Cypress Hills” and “Blood Relation,” centering on Latinx ancestry, maternal lineage and mortality.

Creative Writing for Queer Resistance: Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art: New York, December 18th, 2018 
Read the poems, “Looper,” “Dining Room” and “Scorpio Sun; Scorpio Venus; Scorpio Pluto,” ruminating on queer desire, queer ancestors and ritual. 


Rutgers University Teaching Assistantship, The Writing Program, 2019-2021
Rutgers University Teaching Assistantship, Women’s and Gender Studies, 2016-2019 
National Women’s Studies Association Travel Grant, 2015 
Rutgers University Graduate Fellowship, 2014-2016 
Brooklyn College Senior Women’s and Gender Studies Scholarship, 2012-2013

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